Since 2008 David Dempewolf has been producing videos that simulate perceived stereoscopic vision and mental imagery. These videos portray saccadic eye movements, retinal afterimages, daydreams, sheets of memory and moments of eidetic reverie.
Through a stuttering investigation of phenomenological experience and the meandering legacy of American experimental film, Dempewolf has been attempting to force the moving image into mimicking the processes of thought. Stereoscopic videos of six sites at different times of day shot within the city limits of Philadelphia PA are assembled to mark out a cycle of 24 hour diurnal time. 
The Imaginary Texture of the Real exhibition situates itself within ongoing debates that revolve around the dialectic of rational and empirical approaches towards knowledge production that attempt to explain the lives that we’ve all been thrown into. Through a mimetic articulation of conscious experience, Dempewolf means to sensorially examine the edges of the ‘flesh of the world’ around us that can be reduced to simple representations produced by bio-electrical brain activity or the limits of our human biological sensory apparatuses that are blind to vast aspects of reality such as atoms, electrons and the thing in itself.

David Dempewolf was raised in the Trenton New Jersey area where his family has lived and worked for generations. Staying within a 66 mile radius from where Dempewolf spent his formative years, David studied at colleges in Philadelphia (PAFA & UPenn), Manhattan (Columbia), and the Whitney Independent Studio Program. Dempewolf has exhibited and performed intermittently in regional and international venues for visual art and music. Dempewolf currently resides in Philadelphia teaching critical theory and avant garde video at art schools within the city (PAFA, UARTS), as well as co-directing the Marginal Utility gallery (founded 2009) with his wife Yuka Yokoyama.