East River Painters is a small artist run gallery and project space. East River Painters is the accursed share walled off corner of a studio shop. We have no reason to show what we show and it serves no one any good. Please join us in celebrating a periodic assortment of artist projects and events in the otherwise useful and saturated field of cultural production.

We became East River School Painters together.  Since each of us was several, we were already quite a crowd.  As scrapers and tricksters, we make use of everything within range.  Some assets, like the East River, are immovable, and close.  Some assets, like the East River School, are far away.  Why haven’t we kept our names?  Out of habit.  Who has a name?  We have a name—East River School Painters.  Our name makes us recognizable and unrecognizable.  But we are not imperceptible to ourselves—to what makes us act, to feel, and to think.  We are recognizable to everybody else.  And also, because it is nice to talk like everybody—to say the sun rises when everybody knows it is only a manner of speaking.  To reach a point where it is no longer important to say ‘I’.  The East River School Painters are no longer ourselves.  Each will know his own.  We have been aided, we have been inspired, we have been multiplied.

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